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Best Android Phone Under 15000 in India

Which is the Best Android Phone Under 15000? So here the very practical comparison between The Realme 1, The Redmi Y2, The Honour 7c And The Asus Zenfone Max Pro.

 "The Realme 1, The Redmi Y2, The Honour 7c And The Asus zenfone max pro. Compare"

Detail Comparison

Build Quality

Redmi Y2, Realme 1, Asus max pro, Honor 7c

Best Android Phone Under 15000: Let’s start with the Honor 7C, the good thing with honor 7c is that the back is actually metallic, the top part and the bottom part is for antennas reception but this is actually metallic. and it looks good in the build quality. We would say, Its pretty stylish from the back, actually it looks a lot premium. it’s simple but it looks premium. Now if we move to the Redmi Y2 and in terms of looks, this one also looks very good. in fact from the back it looks resembles the redmi note 5 pro and you might assume that the back is actually metallic. but it’s not metal. This is just a paint job over a plastic casing. infact we scraped it with a knife and this is actually plastic. so we’re disappointed by this one because it if you feel like it metallic but it is not metallic but in terms of looks, it looks good but definitely it’s not metal, it’s plastic. now moving to the Zenfone Max Pro, this in terms of looks pretty bland. we would say the top area is plastic and bottom area is plastic for antenna reception but the back is actually better so that is a good thing. now moving to the Realme 1,  they don’t say it as Mattel. actually it’s fiberglass that you are getting on this one. so that’s regarding the build quality in terms of looks.

internal storage and RAM

Another important point for “Best Android Phone Under 15000″ is how much internal storage and RAM you are getting for the price? if we start with the Honors 7c for rupees 10000, you’re just getting 3gb of RAM and 32gb of internal storage. that’s the same case even with this Redmi y2 – you get 32gb of internal storage and 3gb of RAM and that’s the same case even for the issue Zenfone Max Pro which was priced at 11,000 Rupees but the Realme 1 that is price for 11,000 Rupees comes with 4gb of RAM and 64gb of internal storage. so clearly the maximum storage and RAM you are getting with this Realme 1.

Fingerprint Scanner

Redmi Y2, Realme 1, Asus max pro, Honor 7c

The Third point for “The Best Android Phone Under 15000” is Fingerprint Scanner : Clearly here we would say the Realme 1 fails because it does not have the physical fingerprint scanner. it relies on face unlocking. and they have made some improvement of the face unlocking. So in terms of the Fingerprint scanner, then the Realme 1, Honor 7c has a very fast fingerprint scanner. And also Redmi Y2 fingerprint scanner is actually really faster. The Zenfone Pro also has the fingerprint scanner on the back but it is relatively a little bit slow compared to these two Phones as we mentioned above. So in terms of the fingerprint scanner, the Honor 7Cand the Redmi Y2 do a far better job. Realmi 1  simply does not have a physical fingerprint scanner and it relies on face unlocking and now with the new update if you close your eyes it will not unlock, only when you open your eyes, it will unlock. so again this is on the fingerprint scanner and the Honor 7C and the Redmi Y2 is the winner for this category.

Rear Camera Quality

compare redmi note 5 pro with realme 1

Now let’s move to the most interesting category which one has the better camera? The colour to skin tones are definitely better on the Realme  1  and if we zoom in, notice that grill in the background it’s a lot clearer and sharper compared to the Zenfone Max Pro. Now the Redmi Y2 again very similar results but it looks a lot darker and the skin tones are definitely darker. It’s not able to handle the exposure in low lighting conditions. If you zoom into the grill and you see how the Redmi Y2 dead and clearly even the white wouldn’t do a good job here. Whereas the Honor 7C  did slightly better compared to the Zenfone and the Y2. but again when we zoom in, even the Honor 7Cdoes not have that much detail.

Front Facing Camera Quality

The Realme 1 is producing better results as compare to Zenfone Max Pro and the Redmi Y2. as the details are slightly better on the Realme 1.  With Honor 7C, the colours are a too dark and all saturated with the Honor 7c. These smartphones can also do Bouquet Mode with the front-facing camera. The Redmi Y2 which actually did slightly better than the Zenfone Max Pro but again if you look closely The Realme 1 is better. The Honor 7C cannot do that bouquet mode with the front-facing camera. So Realme 1 Camera was that the skin tones in wearing light conditions had produced the best-looking skin tones.

Screen Quality

Redmi Y2, Realme 1, Asus max pro, Honor 7c

Let’s compare Screed quality on these phones, which we feel is actually very important because the screen is the first interaction with these devices. here we would say The Zenfone Max Pro and the Realme 1  would get my work because all these four different smartphones are having almost the same screen size 5.99 and the 6-inch Screen. So not a huge difference in 18:9 aspect ratio but in terms of actual screen resolution, The Redmi Y2 and Honor 7C are actually just having a 720p HD plus screen. whereas the Realme 1  and the Zenfone Max Pro actually are having a proper full HD plus screen.

Redmi Y2, Realme 1, Asus max pro, Honor 7c

Powerful Chipset

Now let’s move to one another important thing that is the chipset. And in fact, all of these for smartphones have different chipsets in them. And let’s start from the weakest to the strongest, we would say, The Honor 7c having a Snapdragon 450 SOC. it’s not a bad system on the chip but again it’s not the most powerful. whereas the Redmi Y2 is having the Snapdragon 625 chipset. It’s not a bad chipset but again it’s slightly old now. Almost two years old. The Asus Zenfone Max Pro is having the relatively new Snapdragon 636 chipset and the Realme 1 is having the Helio P60 chipset. And we feel this is the most powerful one.

Gorilla Glass Protection

Let's start with The Honor 7C, We couldn't get the details about this. So we're not very sure, if this product has Gorilla Glass. Realme 1 does not have any sort of Gorilla Glass Protection and we also checked with The Zenfone Max Pro, and it does not have Gorilla Glass protection. Whereas The Realme 1  actually having  Gorilla Glass Protection.

True Dual 4G Volte

Redmi Y2, Realme 1, Asus max pro, Honor 7c

Does your smartphone support True Dual 4G Volte?  yes, it’s not the most important as of know, but this will become a very important factor and sadly The Honor 7C and even The Redmi Y2 do not support True Dual 4G Volte. Whereas The  Zenfone Max Pro and even The Realme 1   do Support True Dual. So that is also an important point.

Wifi Bank

Again all of the smartphones support Wi-Fi. But we were surprised to see that five figures Wi-Fi implementation was lacking in most of the phones. For example, let’s test The Wi-Fi 5g Support you can install this app from google play store and check if your phone has Wi-Fi 5G. The Honor 7C is not supported. When we ran it on The Redmi Y2, it also not supported, The Zenfone Max Pro also not supported and Finally, we check on the Realme 1 and we found that it’s Supported The 5G Wi-Fi Bank. So the Realme 1  actually supports both the 2.4 gigahertz and the faster 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi band. Generally many of the budget phones kept on the 5G band but we find that on The Realme 1.


So Here is The Conclusion for "Best Android Phone Under 15000" : If your budget is around 11,000 Rupees, The clear winner would be the Realme 1. The biggest flaw of the Realme 1 is that it does not have the fingerprint scanner. So you have to rely on that face unlocking but apart from that, If you look at other features, For example, it has the fastest chip that is the Helio P 60 and again in terms of RAM and storage it goes ahead and also it has the 5G Wi-Fi band and True dual 4G Sims. And even the camera performance is actually really good. So the clear winner among these would be the Realme 1.

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