Best Budget Smartphone to buy from 6k to 35k

Best Budget Smartphone to buy from 6k to 35k

In this article I’m gonna talk about some of the best smartphones available on Amazon and we know that the Amazon great Indian festival is coming out soon it’s actually running from October  10 to 15 so again you might even find better deals on Amazon with these smartphones and most of these smartphones are sort of Amazon exclusive and maybe you have some Amazon vouchers or you like to shop from Amazon so these are the list of the smartphones that are half that I would recommend or on Amazon and let’s start from the budget range and then we’ll go to the higher-end variants.


So at the budget range of about 6000 rupees again we have a lot of Xiaomi smartphones in the butter budget range obviously, I have this Redmi  6a that is selling for 6000 rupees here in India and it’s having the Helio 822 chipset and I would say for the prime of 6000 rupees this is one of the best options that you can get as of now it’s a compact phone and I don’t think so in the market we have anything better at the price point of 6000 so if your budget is very tight you can look at redmi  6a and guys are regarding the pricing I’m quoting the pricing as of now I’m writing this article. so maybe if there is a sale or something other special deals you might get it even at a better price but I’m coding the pricing as of now.


so next if we come and if your budget is slightly higher around 10000 rupees and you like to take a lot of selfies then you can look at this this is again the xiaomi redmi  y2 and the biggest thing about this one is the improved camera setup generally the xiaomi budget range phones don’t have a good camera but this one is having a good camera and especially the front-facing camera is actually really good on this one it actually has a 16 megapixel selfie camera and it also has that slightly bigger screen 5.99 inches screen so at rupees 10000. if selfie is a very high priority to you you can have a look at this Redmi Y2.

now I’m moving to another phone that was recently launched in India and that’s also Amazon exclusive that is the xiaomi redmi 6 pro and this one actually has the knotch design I know some people are preferring the not so fear of that kind of a person looking for a Xiaomi device this is the one for you Redmi 6 pro. this has a notch and the good thing is that the battery life on this one is also actually really good because it has that four thousand milliamp hour battery.

now let’s say if you up your budget a little bit around 14,000. I would recommend the real me 1 and still it’s a very good phone in fact up this 14,000 rupees variant you will get the six gigabyte RAM variant with 128 gigabytes of storage and I have to say when I tested this phone I was very impressed with this one it’s runs on the Helio P 60 chipset still a very good form there’s also one more variant of this phone available in the market on Amazon for the 11,000 rupees variant will graduate with 4 gigabytes of RAM but again if you require a lot of storage I would recommend the 14,000 rupees variant that comes with 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage.

now moving to if you have slightly better budget and you want something like stock Android experience we have the Xiaomi MI A2 which was launched about one and a half months ago and the biggest thing about this device is that it runs on the stock Android it’s Android one device so almost all Android experience that you’re going to get.I like the build quality on this one it’s completely metallic so gives a good enhance feel and again if you like stock Android then you can certainly go with this one again another thing that I noticed with this device was that and I didn’t expect it during my regular testing is the camera quality is also very good and in fact the selfie camera on this one is also very good so again if you take a lot of selfies you can also have a look at this MI A.2 in fact I would say it might be the best selfie camera in this price range.

now let’s move to a slightly higher budget let’s say if your budget is around 20,000 then we have this honor play and if you check out my video about this also I was really impressed with this device the biggest thing about this is that it comes with the high silicon Kirin 970 SOC which was actually used on honor and Huawei flagship phones that cost a lot so you’re getting the same chipset on this one also it has that screen the 6.3 inch screen and I have to say it’s it’s still a full HD plus screen but I have to say this is one of the best looking screens that I’ve seen in this project also in terms of build quality the build quality is really good its metallic feels very premium so and again the gaming performance was also good on this phone. so at 20 thousand rupees I would say have a look at the honor play.

now let’s say if you increase your budget a little bit more we also have the Honor Nova 3i so this is available for twenty one thousand this comes with their own Kirin 710 SOC which is a new chipset that they launched recently and the speciality of this device is the camera it has four cameras two at the front and two at the back so if camera is a very high priority to you you can have a look at the Nova 3i it’s available for 21,000 and the best thing is that it comes with 128 gigabytes of internal storage.

now let’s say if your budget is slightly higher closer to about 30,000 and you are looking for a Samsung device because of the brand image or the service centers and others you can have a look at the Samsung A8 plus this is priced about twenty nine thousand nine hundred in India and this is one of the cheapest smartphones by Samsung that has six gigabytes of ram and also in terms of camera it actually has a dual selfie camera finally samsung is also getting into the selfie game it’s actually having a 16 plus 8 megapixel selfie camera and also again as it’s a samsung smartphone it has that six inch screen which actually is super amoled full HD plus screen and it has that 3500 milliamp hour battery.

now let’s say if your budget is even more than that at around 35,000 rupees and you know this this is the one plus 6 and i would recommend the one plus 6 over at 35,000 rupees this is one of the best options that you can get for this price range and again it’s a great device and you can check out my review for detail, its pros and cons. and certainly one of the best smartphones in 2018. So at 35,000 i would say this is the one plus 6 so guys these were some of the smartphones that i would recommend that are actually available on amazon.


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