Dell G7 Complete Review

The Dell G7 7588 gaming laptop in Alpine White available in India.



“Combining the i7-8750H with a GTX 1050 / GTX 1050 Ti / GTX 1060 Max-Q”


We finally have a white and blue gaming laptop like a refresh or an update from the 75-77 from last year that Inspiron the laptop which is a huge seller so this is kind of like version 2 of it; if you want to call it that but it’s been rebranded it’s not an Inspiron product quite lovely now the white material is way more beautiful than we thought it’d Be. it’s not like a flat or even like the glossy plastic it’s this satin finish that looks kind of pearlescent almost. It has nice looking color and the blue on the logo is metallic and has this kind of greenish aqua reflectiveness to it if you like blue and if you want while you’re going to love the aesthetics on The Dell G7 laptop.

Now the build quality of Dell G7 has improved from last year in India, it was well built in the previous year, it’s even better this year the chassis has been reinforced. We do not see much flex when I press down on the keyboard deck which is nice to see on a device that’s the predominantly same plastic thing with the hinge, it was never a problematic hinge or anything despite it being closer to the centre but it has Been improved. it feels a little a bit stiffer and just more robust than the previous version so that 70577 from last year the keyboard deck itself is dark navy blue and the keyboard lighting is also Blue now.


We are glad they didn’t go with the red because of red light on this would have just destroyed the aesthetics but we feel like it would have been better with a white light because the blue wavelength is actually a little more fatiguing on your eyes like if you’re using this thing at max brightness on the keyboard lights and you’re using it late at night it can get a little bit tiring. other things that have changed the screen it’s gotten thinner bezels ever so slightly than the previous version but the panel itself is a much nicer panel.

This is now using the AUO 63 IDI which is one of our favorite panels on budget gaming laptops it’s got respectable brightness and the color gamut out of the box is pretty good but the feature that makes it unique is the the fact that you can overclock it so coming out of the box it runs at 60 Hertz so that means your games are going to be capped visually at 60 frames per second and this might void your warranty but this is a panel that can theoretically, be overclocked to like a hundred but I really like the panel plastic color that we used is black which doesn’t match that kind of metallic navy blue they have on the keyboard deck so there’s a little bit of like color mismatching going on which it’s not the worst thing in the world but it would’ve been nice if this was blue as well the port selection is standard on the one that sticks out is the Thunderbolt 3 port this supports four lanes of PCIe.


The internals of the laptop is very easy to get into it’s a single screw and that screws mounted on a c-clip so you couldn’t even lose a screw if you tried and we feel like more devices should be built like this just really easy access for the end-user. inside you have access to the two RAM slots and NVME a two and a half inch SATA and they’re using the Intel 9564 Wi-Fi which is a fantastic card I’m surprised at using this instead of some cheaper one, And you’ll set the battery 56-watt hours. it’s not a huge battery you’re going to get Its about 4 and a half hours of battery life with the screen at 215. About two years ago the 7567 that thing had a 74 Watt-Hour large battery. this is kind of like middle-of-the-pack, average kind Of battery life. it’s still respectable through the things that haven’t changed.

The speakers are always quite good this particular device doesn’t have a sub like some of the older Dell laptops but the sound quality is excellent and speaker location up front is excellent the keyboard feels pretty much unchanged to us if there were improvements it’s very subtle the lay it was good. we’ve always liked the layout on this but the keystrokes are they’re a little bit Softer and just not as responsive as some of the higher-end gaming laptops. it is a decent keyboard though especially for the money and I’d rather have a softer mechanism like this than a crappy layout from other laptops the touchpad is also unchanged it’s got Windows precision drivers with a plastic surface the tracking experience is excellent the button mechanics are also right it’s a very clean and straightforward button nothing like super complicated it’s crazy that a device like this at this price point has a better trackpad experience than some devices that are like double the price.


The performance on the Dell G7 is great the device we have has the six core 8750 H it’s an impressive processor for multi-core applications the GTX 1050 Ti it also delivers solid performance for the money you can get a 10.60 mm q config if he wants more kick the thermals are also excellent, no Throttling and stress tests with very reasonable fan noise onload. the webcam up top is kind of like your standard gaming laptop webcam nothing special but gets the job done.


There are a few things that we don’t like about this laptop primarily it’s the thickness like the bezels are a little bit thick. just this looks not as elegant as some of those other laptops out there but it does have it is advantages because if any of the device’s a little bit thicker a the little bit heavier it’s just going to be a little more durable so if you treat you laptops rougher then maybe consider something like this because it’s just going to last a little bit longer.

So now this is Dell G7 that we’re very partial to because of its color but despite that even if they kept the red and black from the previous version of this is a fantastic laptop it’s got great components it’s got excellent thermals and a beautiful screen that you can potentially overclock it’s got a lot of good stuff going for it especially at this price point another thing; I like about it is that it’s a second-generation product right like the 7577 from last year, we would consider the first generation. They’ve done a lot. of stuff on the inside to just kind of improve the build quality and the overall product it’s like it’s nice to see the 2nd gen.

Dell G7








Gaming Experiance


Battery Life



  • Build Quality is awesome
  • Excellent Performance
  • Good battery life
  • Very good keyboard, trackpad and screen
  • Excellent value for money


  • No touchscreen
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