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₹ 64,999

Huawei P20 Pro.          ₹ 64,999 (6GB+128GB)

Huawei P20 Pro

Design 90%
Desgin 80%
Software 90%
Performance 90%
Battery Life 90%
Camera 90%
Value for Money 80%

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Quick review of Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei p20 Pro powered by 1.8GHz octa-core Kirin 970 processor and it comes with 6GB of RAM and it comes with a 6.10 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 2240 pixels at a PPI of 408 pixels per inch. so let’s now quickly divide this review between pros and cons what WE liked about this device and one of the things that we did not like about the device and we feel the Huawei p20 pro is one of the most ambitious phones we’ve ever seen. It is a cheaper device than most of its competitors and in some aspects it is raising the bar for what to expect from a mobile phone camera, battery and the design wise.

Detail Review

RAM Management

The phone is running on emui  8.1 which is based on the latest Android  8.1. Also Huawei has pre-installed a lot of Google Apps as well as their own first party apps so there’s a fair bit of bloat on the phone when you get it. Now the first party apps are easy to dismiss in favor of Google’s alternatives but surprisingly they’re visually pleasing and some like the translator actively used the AL functionality to retrieve results offline and faster than with Google Translate. 

The company claims that the phone will not only start fast but  also stay fast for the two to three years. If you plan to use it on a subject of speed we’ve got plenty of RAM from tasking and the phone day-to-day feels very fast but there’s the issue that the Huawei p20 pro is powered by the Kirin 970 A chip that falls Way behind current generation phones whilst in some cases you can see the AL helping the Huwai p20 pro  to keep up and it definitely opens  applications quickly in most third-party  apps when you actually in them and using  them it is beaten. We shouldn’t let this alone be a deciding factor though because the Kirin 970 is still a capable chip and the differences between this and the snapdragon 845 will only really emerge when playing intensive 3d games or editing photos and videos professionally so it is a good chip but it’s just not a great chip.

Design and Aesthetic

The color combo is audacious and the body itself feels premium while still being slimmer and lighter than phones like the Samsung s9 plus. It’s not wins all rounds though the similarities to apples offering and the Huawei p20 pro has skipped the headphone jack and doesn’t have wireless charging and only has IP 67 water resistance compared to IP 68 on most other flagships. Huawei spends so much time and love into creating this  glimmering  finish and yet you’ve never needed to use a case on a fern more and  you might have also noticed the fingerprint scanner is on the front which is bit too much of a stretch when unlocking  but what is nice is that the phone gives you flexibility if you want navigation keys, you can have  them. But the best thing is that it also has face unlock feature.


Camera Quality

The  Huawei  p20 pro is one of the most  interesting phones we’ve seen in the last three years. The company has  made a huge deal about the camera, it has extremely fast shutter speeds, three times optical zoom, which lets you take clear photos from much further away and the suspect is pretty much better than every main line  flagship phone at this range. It’s also got top-notch low-light performance which beats pretty much every phone. Night time mode uses the artificial intelligence capabilities of the phone to further reduce noise and make it look like the phone was stabilized. 

Portrait mode is also very good clean looking photos snapped quickly and it can also take 40 megapixel photos that’s over twice the resolution of its closest rivals so surely Huawei has truly taken the crown this time. Well these 40 megapixel photos are more detailed than say the Samsung S 9 plus but not by as much as the number might lead you to believe, Even though the sensor is about twice the sizes that on the Samsung S 9 Plus but you still come across limitations at this resolution. Also you can’t use the zoom in this mode and you also have to pay the price of photos taking much longer to capture so for this reason why we actually sets 10 megapixel as the default. Also uses AL to detect the scene you’re in and add color and contrast accordingly, which sometimes can actually work really well. The low-light capabilities are impressive and the zoom Trump’s almost all the competition.

What you get in package

Huawei P20 Pro Phone, Fast charger, USB Type-CTM digital headset, Warranty card, Quick start guide, protective case, USB Type-CTM to 3.5mm headphone adapter, Eject tool.

  • Huawei P20 Pro
  • Fast charger
  • USB Type-C
  • Warranty card
  • Quick start guide
  • protective case

Technical details



1.8GHz octa-core



Front Camera

1080x2240 pixels




Android 8.1 Oreo





Rear Camera


Battery Capacity

huawei-p20 pro


The Huawei p20 pro is one of the most ambitious phone.

The Huawei is a cheaper device than most of its competitors and in some aspects it is raising the bar for what to expect from a mobile phone camera,  battery and the design wise. Some aspects are definitely underwhelming like the video recording or the older chip inside and the AI integration is still not really a game changer but don’t let this  way your opinion of the device, the Huawei p20 pro is surprisingly good.

Huawei P20 Pro










Battery Life



  • Up-to-date software
  • Brilliant cameras
  • Good battery life
  • Premium design


  • No wireless charging
  • Lacks Quad-HD display
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