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The Moto g6 Play, just available now and it’s not a big specs upgrade honestly from the g5 before. So if you have a g5 or g5 + really particularly then this one isn’t gonna rock your socks but if you have a phone that’s a couple of years old or older, or you just need an excellent Android smartphone now, and you want something from a reputable company that actually has support decent software on it. Well, this is it, and it’s styling which is the focus of the phone this year. We’re going to look at it now.

Moto g6 Play Reviews

₹ 13,999

Moto G6         ₹13,999 (3GB+32GB)

Moto G6

Design 80%
Display 70%
Software 80%
Performance 80%
Battery Life 80%
Camera 70%
Value for Money 80%

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Detail Review

Moto g6 Play Processor

moto g6

The Moto g6 Play runs with Android 8.0 Oreo not a point one notice and a Moto G phones don’t tend to get OS updates so fast, so keep that in mind. Now It has 1.8GHz octa-core CPU with Adreno 506 graphics that could be the Snapdragon 450, or it could be the 625, and our benchmarks all show the MSM 8950 Qualcomm chipset. Which would make it 625. So this is a little bit of a canoodle and a mystery here.

moto g6

Performance G6

 Moto g6 Play : For the performance and the UI does occasionally lag a little bit but at this price that’s fair. You can get one plus 6 for twice as much money and get certainly twice as much speed. Ok, that is what it is, 3 GB of ram 32 GB of storage and there’s only one configuration available. There are not two options with more RAM or more room as sort of thing microSD card. There’s no NFC though. So there’s no Google pay which in the old days, for relatively inexpensive phones that was okay. But this is 2018 this seems a little archaic. I’m kind of surprised even low-cost telephones have NFC.

The Battary Life

moto g6

The battery of Moto g6 Play is pretty big, for something without a demanding display or demanding CPU actually a 3000 milliamp battery. That means excellent long battery life. Moto g6 Play supports motos quick charging method. They call it the turbocharger. Which is in the box as well. So it charges fast. There’s headphone jack. It’s when the few phones – you still have an FM radio here, and on the back, we have the usual it’s Moto’s look there with that kind of site clock Cyclops eyes camera look.

Dual Cameras

moto g6

In Moto g6 Play we’ve got dual cameras for a phone. In this price range that’s pretty impressive. It’s a 12-megapixel main shooter with a 5 megapixel of secondary point 8 lenses. The secondary cameras here you guessed, it is for the portrait bokeh kind of effects. Which are not as good as phones, though it looks overly artificially blurry or sometimes a little nonsensically blurry, it’s better than nothing. And the camera honestly for the price isn’t too bad regarding exposure colour sharpness. You get 1080p video recording and up to 60 frames per second. There’s no 4k video recording. Moto g6 Play is an 8-megapixel front selfie camera which is pretty decent.

moto g6

FingerPrint Scanner & FaceUnlock Quality

Moto g6 Play has the front fingerprint scanner, yes, not on the back, not an awkward place at all. It also doubles as a gesture pad, if you want to try to replace the on-screen navigation buttons, it kind of works okay for doing that. It also has facial recognition for login. Which is pretty fast but given that the fingerprint scanner is located right in the front; so we don’t think that you’re going not to want to use the front fingerprint scanner. So the user interface is the all pretty close to the vanilla and stock Android.

User Interferance

moto g6

Moto software customizations are something that we like. And they’re very light regarding the user interface. They’re not going to overwhelm with Hello Kitty kind of look or anything like that. , for example, you have a tenth of display keeps the screen on, when you’re looking at it. We’ve seen that on Samsung phones forever, but it’s nice to see on a phone that’s this affordable. The sleep screen on this is that still that beautiful. Moto display thing beautiful regarding functionality, not regarding looks. So you turn it off, and it’s off, but if you pick up the phone or you tap the screen you get your time, you get your status, any notifications that are going to show up there. It’s just lovely little simple things which makes this phone unique.

moto g6

Camera Quality

The camera that’s doing well and that wasn’t too bad. But sometimes while taking a photo, there’s no dual domain pixel autofocus or anything like that going on. Again it’s not a wrong camera folk for the price. Honestly, we were pretty impressed with it, compared to today’s flagship phones. Further please keep in mind that this is more of a daytime kind of camera. Also, the swiping seems pretty fast, but we do notice that it occasional delays.

Display Quality

moto g6

The display on Moto g6 Play is IPS, no AMOLED or OLED display here. It’s okay display. It’s not super vivid regarding colours. The viewing angles are okay too. It shifts brightness a bit off, but it’s not terrible. The resolution on this is typical for today the 18/9 aspect ratio. So it’s tall, and the bezels have gotten small it’s 2160:1080 resolution that’s for 70 PPI. so regarding sharpness, it’s plenty good.

Styling & Looks

Moto g6 Play has Gorilla Glass 3. we have glass on the back too. Now again for the g6 generation instead of going with much of the way aspects upgrade, they’re going with the styling look and you know it’s to be said, it’s kind enough looking phone, the curve here is pretty useful for keeping at your hand. Since it’s a glass phone, it’s slippery. It’s nice looking all in all.

Sim, Memory & USB Slots

Moto g6 Play has SIM carrier, micro SD card slot or to the pokey hole up top. As always the headphone jack is on the bottom. Along with the USB C port and volume and power, buttons are on the side, which is pretty standard. So it feels nice enough in hand especially because it’s a large phone because it is that narrow tall kind of aspect ratio. But it is a bit slippery being’s available in black and they’re going to have a colour called blush. Which is kind of like a pale pink colour coming soon. Just because it’s a glass back through a lot like the OnePlus five that doesn’t mean, you get wireless charging you don’t come with this. You plug in the charger. Speaking of the Oneplus, a phone that costs twice as much, We’d say that the Moto g6 Play for a phone this inexpensive is no slouch regarding looks.

What you get in package

Moto g6 Play Phone, charger, USB Cable, Power Adoptor , Quick start guide, Eject tool.

  • Moto g6 Play
  • Power Adaptor of 5v
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Headphones
  • Quick start guide
  • SIM Ejector tool

Technical details



1.8GHz octa-core



Front Camera

1080x2160 pixels




Android 8.0 Oreo





Rear Camera


Battery Capacity

moto g6


If you want something from a reputable company that actually has support decent software on it. Then Moto g6 Play is Perfectly Suits you.

Moto G6

Rs. 13,999









Battery Life



  • Premium build quality
  • Great Sound Quality


  • Relatively disappointing battery life
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