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Nokia 7 plus has the new Snapdragon 660 SOC which  is a octa-core processor it has 4 GB of RAM 64 GB of internal storage . The build quality is really  good on this device. It has the screen  aspect ratio 18:9 hence it’s having  a 6 inch screen. It’s not a Super AMOLED  screen, it’s an IPS great screen but the  quality of the screen is really  good. It has all the sensors you would  expect at this price point and the auto  brightness sensor and other things are calibrated very well so you don’t have to worry about it and the build quality  is really good from the back. It’s having a metallic back or that they have  a coating so it gives it a slightly  different feel and it feels very  good in the hand.

Nokia 7 Plus Reviews

₹ 25,999

Nokia 7 Plus         ₹25,999 (4GB+64GB)

Nokia 7 Plus

Design 80%
Display 80%
Software 100%
Performance 80%
Battery Life 90%
Camera 80%
Value for Money 80%

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Detail Review

RAM Management

Nokia 7 Plus has 4 GB of RAM but we have to say the RAM management has been  done very well in this device, As we knows that in other device with the same configuration the apps like trueCaller etc. were reloading due to out of memory but that was not  happening in Nokie 7 Plus. So in terms of RAM management  also Nokia has done a very good job so  you will be satisfied even though it  just has 4 gigabytes of RAM. We Also played some games with  this one and again it played most of the  games without any  issues.

The Battery Life

It has the 3800 milliamp battery and as most modern  smartphones it’s a sealed battery and the battery life that on this for genuinely it will last for about one and a half days for most users and if you’re sort of a casual user it will last you for about two days so in  terms of battery life nokia has done  excellent optimization and the  snapdragon 616 SOC is also very good so in terms of battery life we was actually  impressed with this device. Again now as it’s a Nokia device and it’s having that  running on the Android one program you get the stock Android experience.

Nokia 7 Plus

Camera Quality

The Camera of Nokia 7 Plus is again a highlighting point as you can see it’s having the dual camera setup. One is a regular one and second one is a telephoto lens so again  like iPhones , so that this  functionality really works but again it  doesn’t have a dedicated portrait mode  they have something like what honor does  it has a depth mode where you can adjust  amount of background blur that you are  getting but  it’s not as easy as the portrait mode because you have to adjust phone up and down a little bit and then you get that effect.

Overall we should say, the camera performance is  actually really good on this one  and specifically even for macro shots  that is close-up shots it was doing a  very good job now moving to video it can  shoot video up to 4k and it does have  electronic image stabilisation sadly this one does not have optical image stabilization also in terms of  audio when you are shooting the video it  has that also audio option so the three microphones that it has when you’re shooting a video tries to capture the sound 360 degrees around you so actually  when you playback if you have you are  playing back that video on a computer  and you have the proper stereo setup you  get that surround sound experience with  the same so these are the good things about the Nokia 7 plus.

Nokia 7 Plus


Its stock Android  interface. If you have used any personal device it’s going to be very  similar to that very fast very fluid and  we didn’t notice any lag on this device  it’s almost a smooth as the up pixel to  it so that I have been earlier using so  in terms of optimization it has been  done very well and the snapdragon 616  SOC is also of beast of a processor and we also like the fact that even with the  extended usage it does not tend to overheat,  yes back slightly gets warm but nothing like overheating.

Face Unlock Feature

Technically Nokia 7 plus has the  face unlocking but nokia hasn’t done  anything special to enable that it is  just the stock face unlocking feature  that you get with android phones and the smart lock but it’s not that  great .so again they should worked on their own custom face unlocking features like what oneplus is  doing with the 1 plus 5t. So yes face unlocking technically is there  but it is not that good but the good thing is that it has that fingerprint scanner at the back and that is  actually very responsive so again these were some of the cons of this nokia what  do you say 7 plus.

What you get in package

Nokia 7 Plus smartphone,2-pin fast charger (5V-2.5A/9V-2A/12V-1.5A),USB Type-C Cable,In-ear headset,SIM Ejector tool,Clear protective case,User manual and warranty information

  • Nokia 7 Plus
  • 2-pin fast charger
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • In-ear headset
  • SIM Ejector tool
  • Clear protective case

Technical details






Front Camera

1080x2160 pixels




Android 8.0





Rear Camera


Battery Capacity

Nokia 7 Plus


To conclude this, the Nokia 7 plus is excellent Android smartphone by Nokia

The build quality is really good you can stock Android experience and fast  Android updates unlike many other devices so in aspect it’s doing a great job also moving the battery life and the camera  both are actually very good but  certainly your pings are that slight premium for the Nokia branding overall  it’s an excellent Android smartphone if  you’re someone who likes the stock  Android experience and want the  guarantee of continued Android updates  then you can seriously have a look at  this smartphone. Yes there are  some cons about this device that I’ve  already mentioned but overall it’s a very good smartphone.

Nokia 7 Plus










Battery Life



  • Premium build quality
  • Stock Android One
  • Powerful processor
  • Excellent battery life


  • Low-light camera performance could be better
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