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Mi Note 5 Pro powered by the new Snapdragon 636 chipset and it comes with 4 or 6 GB of RAM and it comes with the new screen aspect ratio that is 18:9.Let’s now quickly divide this review between pros and cons, what we liked about this device and the things that we did not like about the device. First let’s talk about the build quality, it looks like a modern due to the new screen aspect ratio 18:9 and because of that they are able to put almost a 6 inch screen and then also it feels ok and comfortable in the hand in terms of build quality.

Redmi Note 5 Pro Reviews

₹ 14,999

Redmi Note 5 Pro         ₹14,999 (4GB+64GB)

Redmi Note 5 Pro

Design 80%
Display 80%
Software 70%
Performance 80%
Battery Life 90%
Camera 80%
Value for Money 100%

Editors Overall Rating


Detail Review

Processor & RAM Management

Redmi Note 5 Pro comes in two variants 4 GB of RAM and 6 GB of RAM. In general usage we never had a problem of RAM management, So even the 4 GB RAM variant is more than enough. Further we feel the Xiaomi is charging quite a bit of premium for the 6 GB of RAM variant so we advice to go with 4 GB Version. Now moving to the processor, Redmi Note 5 Pro has the new Snapdragon 636 SOC which is the first smartphone on this category that is using this processor and it comes with the new GPU that is the Adreno 5.09.

We have to say the performance of Redmi Note 5 Pro is actually very good. We never faced any issues or any lag whatsoever. We include some heavy games and it played them fine. So in terms of general responsiveness , the processor was handling it fine but one thing that we noticed is that when we heavily using this phone on mobile data continuously and browsing with GPS navigation the back tends to get a little bit warm that is something that we have noticed but it is because of the Almunia back. So in terms of performance Redmi Note 5 Pro is excellent.

The Battery Life

It has that 4,000 milliamp battery and we have to say, in the terms of battery life you don’t need to worry about it, even if you are sort of a heavy user it will last you for a full typical day and for most users we would say, it will last for about one and a half days as for me it was lasting for over one and a half days, even with heavy usage and getting screen on time over 6 to 7 hours. So in terms of battery life it was very good, if you’re sort of a casual user it will give you almost over 2 days of battery life per charge.

Redmi Note 5 Pro

Camera Quality

The camera which we feel is the highlighting point about this device and this device is actually very good and also in terms of color accuracy the color accuracy is also good. Yes due to the dual camera setup you have that portrait mode and it actually works very well so in terms of camera performance we was thoroughly satisfied with this device and in fact the front-facing camera might be the best in the class. It has a 20 megapixel front-facing camera and it also has that portrait mode even with the front-facing camera. Yes sometimes the edge detection; if you enable the portrait mode with the front-facing camera can be a bit miss particularly around your hair but again we feel Xiaomi can solve those issues with software update so in a nutshell in terms of camera performance the camera performance is actually very good on this device

Regarding video xiaomi officially have restricted the video up to only 1080p though the chipset can support 4k but as of now at the max video recording is 1080p. We’ll discuss about the video recording in the later part so now these were the things that we actually liked with this Redmi Note 5 Pro. Now let’s move to the things that we did not like with this device and the first thing is regarding the video as we was told you it can record video up to 1080p and the good thing is that it has electronic image stabilization with the video but one thing that we’ve noticed is that even the 1080p video quality is not very high and also in terms of focusing it hurts the focus quite a bit. We hope Xiaomi we can solve this issue because they have already restricted the video quality from 4k to1080p but the 1080p video quality is also not very very sharp so that is one thing you have to know.

Redmi Note 5 Pro


We played quite a few heavy games with Redmi Note 5 Pro and it played all the games without any issues but with Monica comeback fire had some minor issue, May be it’s a software issue not a hardware but in terms of gaming, we was impressed with the gaming performance of this device even heavy games like asphalt 8 at the highest setting exhibited no lag so it’s good for gaming also.


The charger that is supplied in the box is a regular charger that is a 502 amp charger and with that it charges fairly quickly but we did test this device and it actually supports quick charging specifically Qualcomm quick charging too and  it is sort of picky with what charger you use it because we tested it with this MI Power Bank, It supports for charging and with this one we could actually fast charge this device but when we used another fast charger that is a Qualcomm quick charge 3 certified with that it was not fast charging so it’s solved slightly picky about fast charging what charger you use and we feel at this price point as Xiaomi we calling it a pro device they should have bundled or official fast charger with this device.

SIM Slots

Another minor thing that you need to know is its highbreed or SD card slot, so at a time you can put one nano SIM and one SD card or two Nano SIMS. At this mid-range many people keep asking for a dedicated SD card slot that is not to be found but we feel that’s not a big con because the internal storage that you are getting with this is almost 64 GB and all of that you get 50 GB.

Lastly as regarding the pricing a difference sellers selling it with two variants 4 GB of RAM and another variant that is 6 GB of RAM both of them actually have the same internal storage that is 64 GB but the 4 GB RAM variant is selling for 15,000 here but the 6 GB RAM variant is selling for 17,000 so Xiaomi we Charges 3,000 for just 2 GB of extra RAM and we feel the pricing is simply not justified. So in our Frank opinion we feel the 4 GB RAM made and that is going to be sold for 15,000 Rupees and the best option.

Redmi Note 5 Pro

What you get in package

Redmi Note 5 pro Phone, charger, USB Cable, Power Adoptor, Quick start guide,  Eject tool.

  • Redmi Note 5 pro
  • Power Adaptor
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Mi USB Cable
  • SIM Ejector tool

Technical details



1.8GHz octa-core



Front Camera

1080x2160 pixels




Android 7.1.1





Rear Camera


Battery Capacity

Redmi Note 5 Pro


So to conclude this, we would say at the price point of about 15,000 Rupees this Redmi note 5 pro is a solid pack.

The general performance of this device is very good and also one of the best camera in this price range, yes with that portrait effect with the front-facing camera is not that good but we are hoping with software update Xiaomi will improve that and also overall performance of this phone was very good so certainly if you have a price banner of around 15,000 and this would be one of our first picks. Last year the Redmi Note 4 was very popular in India and we won’t be surprised if this year the Redmi Note 5 pro would be the same for xiaomi.

Redmi Note 5 Pro










Battery Life



  • Bright and vivid display
  • Competent cameras
  • Good build quality
  • Great value


  • Fast charger not bundled
  • Preinstalled bloatware
  • Lacks USB Type-C
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