Realme 1 vs Redmi Note 5 Pro

Quick Price Comparison

The pricing of the Realme 1 is actually very  aggressive as compare to Note 5 Pro. At the base variant, you can  have for 9,000 rupees but let’s just go with the highest versions that both offers, for example the Realme highest version comes with 6 GB of  RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal  storage and that’s price for 14,000 Rupees. whereas the Redmi note 5 pro base variant that comes with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64gb of internal storage for  15,000 Rupees and if you want to go with the 6  GB RAM variant of the redmi note 5 pro than it comes with just 64 gigabytes of internal that’s for 17,000 Rupees. So in terms of price Realme win the race.

Comparison Between Redme Note 5 pro and Realmi 1

Realme 1          ₹8,990 (3GB+32GB)

Realme 1

Design 90%
Display 90%
Software 100%
Performance 100%
Battery Life 90%
Camera 90%
Value for Money 100%

Note 5 Pro             ₹14,999(4GB+64GB)

Redmi Note 5 Pro

Design 90%
Display 80%
Software 80%
Performance 70%
Battery Life 80%
Camera 90%
Value for Money 90%

Detail Comparison Review

Processor and Performance

The Realme is having the MediaTek helio p60 chipset, which is the latest chipset from MediaTek and it’s actually a pretty powerful chipset. Whereas on the other  hand the Redmi note 5 pro comes with the  Qualcomm Snapdragon 6.36 subset and both are actually very good chipsets. But if we talk about raw performance and some of the features we would say that the Helio P 60 goes over the stamp region 636. The Realme is very fast and loads the apps very quickly, we don’t notice any lag, when using this phone. the same case is even for this  redmi note 5 pro it’s also very fast  phone but Realme is slightly faster in dropper performance.

Next again one more advantage  that this p60 chipset has is that it based on 12 nanometer process whereas  the Snapdragon 636 is based on 14  nanometer process and guys if you don’t  know the lower is better and this in  terms of fabrication, for example, the  Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which is the  latest from Qualcomm is based on 10  nanometer process and by doing that you  achieve the  efficiency of the chip increases. Also, it produces less heat when it’s stressed. So yes we would give the slight edge to Helio p60 and raw performance of Realme 1.

Display Quality

Both of them are having the new display form factor that we are seeing  18:9 aspect ratio and in terms of display we would say both of them actually are having a very good display. so we don’t have any issue with them but In terms of the screen to body ratio, the Realme is again going slightly ahead up. As the Realme 1 is about  84.7 % of the screen to body ratio.  Whereas redmi note 5 pro is about 77 %. So this adds slightly thinner bezels but in terms of screen quality, we would say both of them are actually having a very good screen quality and we did play a lot of videos and both of them actually have a very good screen.  So in terms of screen quality, it would be sort of neutral.

Redmi note 5 pro vs Realme 1

Speakers Performance

Both of them have a single speaker setup and they both sound good but in terms of loudness, if I have to pick one, the Realme speaker is actually a little bit louder compared to the redmi note 5 Pro.

Finger Print Scanner and Face Unlock System

The redmi note 5 Pro has a  physical fingerprint scanner at the back and it is very very responsive but in Realme, they don’t give the fingerprint scanner on this device. So you have to rely on face unlocking. But luckily the face unlocking works very well. It’s very fast and because it uses some of the features of the Helio P60 which has AI capabilities, facing is very fast. We’ve also tested Realme in low light and even in low light, it is very fast one but misses the fact that it does not have a physical fingerprint scanner.

Build Quality

Here we find the difference between these two devices. And we would say, in build quality, advocates the vote to the redmi  note 5 pro because this one has a metallic build quality. It’s a fibreglass body. That has gone with the advantage that this feels slightly lighter to hold. So in terms of build quality, we would give the edge to the redmi note 5 pro.

Redmi note 5 pro vs Realme 1

Front Facing Camera Quality

Here we had very mixed results, Redmi note 5 Pro has a very good camera that we have seen even in our previous reviews of Redmi Note 5 Pro but we’ve compared both these devices and outdoor conditions of both these smartphones produce a very good picture. So what we did is, we decided to test how would be the camera performance in artificial lighting. So first if we talk about the front-facing camera, we would say the redmi note 5 pro‘s front-facing camera is definitely slightly better as compared to Realme. The  redmi note 5 pro even in very low lighting conditions like restaurant lighting, it produced a brighter  picture compared to the Realme.  so yes front-facing camera on this Realme is not bad for the price, we would  say it can take some very good selfies  but yeah if we have to pick up dinner for the front-facing camera that would be  the redmi note 5 pro.

compare redmi note 5 pro with realme 1

Rear-Facing Camera Quality

Again in artificial lighting  conditions and in good lighting conditions both of them are  actually producing very good results but this is very surprising that the Realme 1 produced better pictures and colors in very low lighting situations and we think the AI capabilities of the Helio P 60 chipset  is helping the Realme 1 in very low  lighting situations. Realme doesn’t have that portrait mode that the Redmi note 5 pro have but in a very low lighting situation, we were so surprised that the  Realme 1 produced better pictures than the redmi note5 pro and we did this test multiple times. We don’t know why but yeah in very low lighting Realme 1 was doing better.

OS and The User Interface

So the both of them run Android and let’s first talk about the redmi note 5 pro:  The Redmi note 5 pro comes with me UI which is a custom UI by  Xiaomi and as of now still it is running on the Android version 7.1. Yes, there is a beta ROM that will get Oreo played but as of now this is the latest build that we have, it’s still on Android  7.1. Now moving to the real me one this is also using a custom UI which Oppo  actually uses on all their smartphones  and it’s known as color OS. So that’s  what it is but moved to the Android  version it is coming out of the box with  Android version 8.1 so you’re getting the latest version of Android on Realme 1.

Redmi note 5 pro vs Realme 1

The Battery Life

The battery capacity is slightly different on both these devices. The redmi note 5  pro has a 4,000 milliamp power battery and we have to say both these devices will give you very good battery life and both of them will actually last you for a full working day easily.  With both this device you don’t have to charge in the middle but in terms of battery life. if we have to give a slight edge, we would say the redmi note 5 pro goes slightly ahead it was giving me approximately almost about 45 minutes to  1 hour of battery life.

Dual 4G Volte

The Realme 1 supports true dual  4G value. So you can have two 4G sims  active at the same time whereas the redmi note 5 pro on the production build, as of  now they do not have that functionality but  we’ve heard that they will be pushing out that functionality with the software  updating later on but the realme 1 already has that functionality as of now.

Redmi note 5 pro vs Realme 1

SIM Slot

With the base variant of Realme 1 you get 32gb of internal storage but the Realme 1 has a dedicated micro sd card slot. So you can have your two nano cells and a dedicated micro sd card to expand the storage but on the Redmi note 5 pro, we don’t have a  dedicated SD card slot. It is having the hybrid solution, So if you want to use two SIM cards then you can’t put an SD card with the same. So that is also one more advantage we would give to the Realme 1.

Redmi note 5 pro vs Realme 1


In terms of price to performance survey. we have to give the vote to the Realme 1. It's simply offering a lot for the price of 9,000 Rupees.