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The Beats X wireless earphones have a  lot in common with the Oneplus Headphones. However, it looked like that one plus ripped-off this design from the Beats X. So much similarity in function and design. But these are better in every conceivable way like it’s got better build quality, it’s got the magnetic pause, it doesn’t require a proprietary lightning cable, it just doesn’t have a  pretty box when you unbox it and it also only comes in black and red colour. Whereas the Beats X comes in a whole bunch of colours.  So the price is what is probably the most attractive thing about the Oneplus Headphones for Rs. 3,999 getting a product that is comparable to Beat X  that have double the price. And the main thing is we are not seeing any Rs. 3,999  wireless earphones that are better than Oneplus Headphones.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Reviews

₹ 3,999

OnePlus Bullets Wireless         ₹ 3,999

OnePlus Bullets Wireless

Design 80%
Build Quality 90%
Sound Quality 80%
Battery life 90%
Comfort 80%
Value for Money 100%

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The Build Quality


Oneplus Headphones really good for the price the buds themselves are milled aluminium, they’re lightweight but they feel solid.  The cabling feels kind of average, it like a flat ribbon cable those tend to wear better over time but the overall build quality is good. It also comes with three ear hooks and three ear tips the medium-sized. It fit me very comfortably particularly the hooks, they just fit my ear really well. the sound quality is  also quite good and is this something that’s difficult  to showcase in an article and there’s  obviously some subjectivity to this but we think for most people they’ll enjoy  the sound quality from this,  particularly  if your device supports  APTX, you get  crisp trouble and very good bass not  like earth-shattering bass but for Rs.3,999 these sound deeper than a thought.

The Battery Life

The Battery life of Oneplus Headphones is great. Only 10 minutes of charging gets you 65% of battery.  Full top off takes around 30  minutes or maybe a little bit less and you can use the regular charger for this, you don’t  need the – charge or anything like that  to get those numbers and battery life  we are getting around 7 and a half hours and this  is with the volume at around 60%.  if you’re going running and need to crank it up or if you’re in high traffic or something like that it’s gonna be reduced but the eight hours estimated battery life is reasonably accurate and we really like the USBC charging it. Just brings you one step closer to being free of micro USB.


Other Features

If you long press the play/ pause button;  it’ll launch  Google assistant and it would be cool but there’s too much of a delay like when you press it, it takes about a  second, maybe the second half before you’ll actually hear that sound.  So it’s cool and usable if you need but  I wouldn’t consider being like a game change or anything and if you’re connected to an iPhone at a launch Siri instead of the Google assistant so the microphone is good. we made few calls with it and everyone said it sounded clean it might even sound better than your phone’s built-in mic depending on the phone that you have.  


The earbuds are magnetic and the magnetic interaction between the two sides can pause and unpause music. It’ll pause music on any phone like Pixel 2, Pixel 1, iPhone 10, it doesn’t matter what you’re using. if those buds snap together, it’ll pause the music but resume music is different it,  does need to be the OnePlus 5 or the OnePlus 6 and it may not sound like a killer feature but it’s just something that you really enjoy.  The ability to just pause your music when you clip or your earbuds together. so we like these wireless earphones way better than I  thought; it would and we actually liked them better than any other wireless earphones that we’ve used.



There are the few things that we don’t like about Oneplus Headphones : We wish the charging port was covered. when you’re sweating that port is just exposed. So we don’t know how that’ll hold up over time. the other thing we don’t like is the storage pouch. it’s cool, it’s soft rubber and it’s got a magnetic closing system but I just find it difficult to stuff everything in.  There I feel like I’m just bending things in ways that they shouldn’t be bent and sometimes a magnet snap together,  where you kind of don’t want them to. The other thing is availability.  So every other earphone is readily available on Amazon for basically Next  Day Delivery but the bullet’s Wireless is only available from one plus so it’s not as readily available or easily returned. Beside this negatives, we feel like these are really really good earphones for the  Rs. 3,999.



Beside Some negatives points like availability, we feel these are really really good earphones for the Rs.3,999

OnePlus Bullets Wireless




Build Quality


Sound Quality




Battery Life



  • Clear Sound on move
  • Great Battery Life
  • Fast Charging
  • Lightweight
  • Water Resistant


  • Availability
  • Uncovered Charging Port
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