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The Oppo Find X launched today in india and here is exactly what you need to know: Now this is something that has gone way under the radar for many people, no one’s really been talking about it. There’s not been much information, we saw the same sort of thing happened with the vivo NEXT And it tops off a crazy few months in the smartphone industry where people were talking about the lack of innovation, nothing was happening, The Samsung s9 was the same as the sounds and The iPhone 10 was dead apparently to some people and people were crying out for something different they were crying out for change and that’s exactly what we have, we have the world’s first fully bezel smartphone and it isn’t just a concept. It is an official phone which is going to release today in India and in my opinion there are two ways to look at this. And that is a massive positive and a massive negative and we’ll get to both.

oppo find x

So since probably the Xiaomi MI Mix which was almost a couple of years ago and possibly the old sharp phone before that, this was the first sort of breakthrough into the sort of fully bezel at all or as close to bezel as displays, as we’ve seen in smartphones. And this has evolved over the last couple of years into phones that have been shrinking the bezels left, right and centre and in most cases having to use a notch in order to house the front-facing camera and all of the sensors etc. Then we heard out of the news about three weeks ago that lenovo had produced a phone that was fully bezel asst and then the launch happened and of course it was the world’s first fully bezel smartphone apart from the massive bezel at the bottom and a notch. Then about a week ago, we had the Vivo Next which claimed to be again the world’s first smartphone that was fully bezel and we did have a bottom bezel, it was quite small we did have very small side bezel’s and top bezel and it was around the 90 percent mark screen to body ratio. Pop up camera coming out of the top, people were worried about moving parts but the buzz around last week was the Vivo phone role for the week and now we’re talking about the launch which happened today for the Oppo Find X.

This is now has no bezels anywhere to be seen and it has a screen to body ratio of 93.8 percent which absolutely dwarfs the current market leaders in that sort of search like the OnePlus 6, the Honor 10 and of course The Asus Zenfone 5, all with around an 83.0 percent ratio. This is truly impressive.

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Oppo Find X has a 6.4 inch full HD OLED display 16 megapixel and a 20 megapixel dual rear camera, 25 megapixel front facing camera, 3d facial scanning, much like we’ve seen with the Xiaomi MI 8 and The iPhone 10 before, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, 8 gigabytes of RAM, 256 gigabytes of storage.These are all massive specs Android 8.1 with color OS over the top. Now this will obviously be a potentially a deal-breaker for some people that just want stock Android or aren’t happy using launchers or just in general hate skins 3713 milliamp battery, which again is another massive spec. But we do have one bad spec on the paper that is No 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Now that is of course going to beat one of the downsides. 

oppo find x
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